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New Materials

Always in step with new manufacturing technologies CG ENGINEERING Srl uses in its designs new composite materials and bio-composites, and resins, which are revolutionizing the building process.

Innovative materials and composite bio-composites, resins and steels with very high resistance, are used in designs in various areas of engineering, in particular in structural consolidation, but also in new work, with the help of composite sections in order to achieve extraordinary results in regards to basic systems structures reinforcement or creation of new structures.

Technologies that have revolutionized the field of civil engineering and initially the sector of structural consolidation.

Composite Materials:
• Carbon fiber (CFRP)
• Fibreglass (GFRP)
• Aramid fiber (AFRP)
• Basalt Fiber (SALT)
• pultruded profiles (Pultrusion Profiles)
• fiber reinforced concrete (FRCC)

Biocomposites materials:
• Hemp fiber (flax)
• Flax fiber (hemp)

Composite materials UHTSS:
• Ultra High Strength Steel Fiber

Bicomponenti materials:
• Structural Resins