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We Offer

Certified quality in national fields, professional reliability and Tecnico-Operative capabilities in engineering design and integrated architecture also in different sectors and disciplines, in the execution of works, in buildingyard safety, in cadastral, estimative, expropriative, verification and validation activities.
Particular attention is paid to eco-sustainability and respect for the environment both in terms of work impact recovery and use of available environmentally friendly energy resources and materials.
Particular attention is devoted to the conception of structures, even the most extreme such as bridges, antennas, reservoirs, dams and others, even from an architectural point of view, in practice pursuing a structural architecture, as well as environmental.
Particular attention is given to the adjustment or improvement of structures in the seismic sense through traditional structural consolidation but also with innovative materials either composite or bio-composites or with steels with very high resistance or structural resins.
Graphic studies, also dynamic, by rendering 3D insert works to better assess environmental impact and aesthetics, illumination of environments and works, of work representation, and whatever else is feasible in terms of 3D graphics.
You have the possibility of territorial projections and works by Total Station, GPS, laser scanners and other.
Moreover implementation is with BIM system (Building Information Modeling).
CG Engineering Srl is accredited by enabling preventive (AP) work as a Classified / Special /Sensitive, such as judicial works, military, and others within national, EU, NATO, etc.
Always at the forefront and in step with the times and with an eye on the future while not forgetting the past.